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Leo A Eliades runs his company Inspire Now and is a passionate speaker and educator who is dedicating his life in order to help others find the ultimate success in their life. Leo has spent many years studying what success means and is very keen to discuss this subject any chance he gets. His most important finding is simple he defines success itself as achievement.

As a leading life expert Leo understands the need for fulfilment in life which he is certain needs to exist for everyone. He loves to assist individuals to ultimately define what achievement means to them in order to inspire them to move forward to their dream, whatever the authentic desire is.

Leo has worked in medical science for many years and has a great interest in how our brain functions and how this can both serve us and hold us back in our day to day life and actions.

Leo has a significant interest in human behaviour and potential, as well he has a wealth of knowledge on the things that can set you back. His simple message is we all need to understand ourselves and others and contribute to those we care about and our community and society. Leo takes pride in assisting others in this very important life process.

Leo loves to hold speaking events and always looks forward to sharing with others, his message provides us with education designed to lead our lives forward and to allow us to love ourselves and our lives and this way we can live, which means to take action on our dreams.

Nothing should be holding you back right now? If there is something missing it needs to be filled right now! Leo believes your life is way too important for anything else

Leo describes himself simply as,

  • A Realist
  • A Teacher
  • A Successful Mentor
  • A Life Leader
  • A Father, husband, son, brother and friend

Join Leo and get ready to have some fun, get ready to find out more on how to Lead, Love and Live.

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