Don’t Focus on Failure

success-failure-green-road-sign-illustration-on-a-radiant-blue-background-1bukq2sYou will always learn from mistakes, so please stop and look and analyse them as they are there for a reason. I do not know any successful person that did not do exactly this. When you see them clearly examine the results and study them closely for the reason why they went wrong. It is important to remember at all times that it is better to make mistakes than do nothing at all.

All the successful teachers and mentors I know, deal with mistakes as part of the learning curve and path to success. This has been occurring for centuries and I always follow this method as a true and powerful choice. Mistakes are learning opportunities and it can be extremely powerful. Sure it can be painful to make a mistake however this can be so little once you master this opportunity and besides there is a cost to all our education.

Did you think you would stop learning at a certain point in life, it never stops and shouldn’t? Did you learn from your past mistakes? Of course you did, and now you are stronger due to the corrective adjustments, you have made. When a child learns to walk, there are plenty of falls along the way, and then the falling stops and there is success. Can you imagine if part way along the way when you were a child you stopped trying to walk?

My suggestion is to not take past mistakes as failures and do not take them personally. Instead learn from each one and put them behind you. Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers had failures, but nobody seems to remember that. What about Thomas Edison, each and every time he failed he was closer to inventing the light bulb? and there was over 1000 so called failures! So, don’t think of yourself as making mistakes and failing. Instead, when you are feeling down look back at what you have accomplished.

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