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Property Investment Tips:
The 72 Must Not Do's For Every Property Investor

By The Leading Life Expert Leo A. Eliades

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The secret to property success along with education and doing the right things, is to know and understand well, what not to do. This is absolutely important and relevant to your future investing, wealth and profits.

Leo’s practical experience and education allows you the ability to share his formula for success and wealth creation. Understanding your position well, allows you to live your life, love your live and live.

Learn the key mistakes people make in their quest for creating wealth and avoid them. Understand what must be avoided so you can move up to the top 0.5% of Australians who are investing effectively in Australian property and accumulating significant wealth right now. What you will learn and so much more…

  • Do not think of your ability to invest in terms of income only
  • Do not place a higher than actual real case value on retirement, and neglect maximising your property portfolio
  • Do not limit your opportunities via cross collaterisation, this is a dirty word and you need to know this
  • Do not only think of property in terms of cash flow
  • Do not purchase a property above the median price of that particular area
  • Do not jump into joint ownership without full consideration
  • Do not forget to consider rental vacancy rates in a purchase decision
  • Do not allow yourself incomplete awareness of top end market effects
  • Do not be hit with the killer, no leverage situations
  • Do not proceed with a holiday property investment without due diligence
  • Do not allow yourself a limited understanding of the investment cycle
  • Do not own any unnecessary credit cards and know why
  • Do not shop for a mortgage without prior knowledge
  • Do not insist on not considering using brokers
  • Do not invest without getting to know how lenders operate and how they see you, know the 7 C’s, these are essential
  • Do not think of refinancing your loan in terms of lower interest rates and lower costs only
  • Do not underestimate the potential benefits of your tax return
  • Do not remove yourself totally from picking tenants

And so much more…

Instead of not being fully aware on property investment mistakes and missing out on your security and safety, you will be empowered and educated further towards success. What this means for you is that you will have moved yourself forward to your life dreams and what this really means for you is that you certainly will be leading your destiny.

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Enter Your Name and Email For Instant Access To Your Free eBook

We value your privacy and would never spam you