Join Leading Life Specialist, Leo Eliades, as he presents the:

Financial Leadership

How anyone can gain Financial Leadership in their lives, gain clarity, confidence and vision towards controlling your future and increasing your net worth.

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Financial Leadership Seminar

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Imagine your future reality:

Money - more confidence, more knowledge, more control, and a vision of your new possibilities

Making A Difference – for now and for later, for you and those you care about most

Leading – deciding that you can discover, knowing what is possible and knowing you are capable

Loving – your life, this is where you can truly be loving everything you do on your terms

Living – turning your future dreams and aspirations into your life as you know it

You Can Generate Wealth!

All it takes is some knowledge from someone who really understands what it takes to take action on your financial position, information is simply not enough.

For the first time, someone is finally lifting the lid on what it takes to capatilse on knowledge so that you can make it work and you gain your financial freedom.

"It's simple when you know what mindset is required and how the rich have been thinking for centuries, says Leo “If you can change your beliefs on money you get more money to enjoy your life, if I have done it, then so can YOU!"

In the half-day training Leo reveals the proven blueprint for how you can set yourself up to have the firm belief so that you can go on and generate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars - AND not only do you deserve to have it – you really have a BIG Why to get this done – You have an inspiration. 

During the seminar, Leo will be revealing:


1. Your Identity – this is critical to your success, you will never be in a position to doubt yourself again or not understand your actions

2. Your Values – this determines how you live and whether you are happy or not, this can be the very reason you have been doubting yourself

3. Your Inspiration – how to use this to catapult your success and why it matters, this really is the missing link to raising your financial success

Plus, Leo will also be sharing:

The 7 Pillars of Financial Leadership:

1. Awaken your authentic financial leadership power

2. Overcoming the fear of failure

3. Overcoming the fear of losing or gaining money

4. Managing stress, emotions and decreasing procrastination

5. Understanding your personal dynamic

6. Personal values and application for maximum benefit

7. Inspiring yourself and real time management  

Real Customers Speak!

Andriana Njegovan

“You couldn't put a value on this, it is something that will provide for me and my family including my legacy…I feel privileged that I am in on a secret. You do not learn this at school and you should, this is the glue that binds everything together and gives you the confidence and understanding.”

Andriana Njegovan, Over 2M in new projected wealth
Antoniette Martin

“I was looking forward to the program prior to attending with the hope or expectation of providing clarity on achieving success. The program provided a different outlook, new approach with emphasis on self- discovery. I have had some revealing insights of what my values are and now have a clear understanding on what has driven me or held me back in the past and how this affected my feelings and actions. I'm looking forward to pursue my dreams with greater success.”

Antoniette Martin, Went from 22 Years of Inaction to …
Bruno Margariti

“After Leo’s course I walk away having found some missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle giving me the ability to not only complete the puzzle but to expand the puzzle.I am inspired towards my financial leadership.”

Bruno Margariti, Put together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Leo really walks his talk.

With financial leadership he has created a business which generates wealth annually at 10X the average Australian wage.

This is NOT your average wealth creation training, nor is it one of those how to get rich quick programs. It is real and honest knowledge and guidance from someone who has gained results and who is fed up with the hype out there that is so out of touch form the REAL things that matter. Learn and get started without spending a fortune.

Leo is a scientist by trade. So, he knows...

1) Human Behaviour / Mindset
2) How to change so that we can earn and have more
3) How to really catapult our chance of success and being wealthy

Every business owner, every individual, every current or aspiring entrepreneur has a reason to raise their leadership towards their financial position. You can look after yourself and those you care about, you can improve your lifestyle, your results, your legacy and more. If you would like this and if you would like more control- then Leo can prove this to you.

You can get results and make money from having the right mindset, reset your beliefs and your personal power, no matter where you are now, you can raise this significantly.

This is half a day of Leo’s intensive 2 day training FOR JUST $97.00 ($627 value).

Note, this is not an introduction. It is full of unique, nothing-like-it content that you can use straight away.


Register today and you will also receive a free download of Leo’s informative educational CD’s at no cost, (Valued at over $78).

Feeding your mind good content related to Financial Leadership is key to this important part of our lives.

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