How to Discover Your Life Purpose

How do you discover your real purpose in life? Sometimes we think of all sorts of this as being our purpose such as our daily tasks, our jo, our study, or even our short and long term goals. These can seem to be our purpose however they are often so far from it and often totally detached.

Our purpose can only be defined as the real reason we are here, the reason you and I exist.
If you do not know your purpose you could get to know this in less than 30 minutes. For some perhaps a little more.

So many people believe they have no purpose and that their life has no meaning. We all need to have attachment to this and if we do not this can become very unhealthy and depressing. One important thing to note is that if this is you and you believe that you do not have a purpose, this definitely will not prevent you from discovering it.

Life can begin to have full meaning and your whole life can reach a huge turning point and you get to be truly happy once you discover your purpose. So it is very worthwhile discovering your purpose so you can stop aimlessly living your life. When you have purpose, you are inspired to lead your life, to love your life and to live your life.

There is a need to remain positive about finding your purpose, if you remain totally negative it will take longer to discover and you may need some assistance to reach your turning point. The main thing to remember is that it can always be done!

Why Is Your Life Purpose So Important?

Is It part of Your Turning Point?

  • Would you agree some people have a life that has a clear path and others do not?
  • Would you agree that some people have a clear direction and others do not?
  • Would you agree some people are driven and others are not?
  • Would you agree some people feel worthwhile and have a meaningful life while others do not?
  • Have you ever wondered why?
Many of us are faced with the problem of feeling we have no purpose, there is no reason for our existence. This can do little for self esteem and personal power.

In order to begin this process we need to trust and begin fresh. We have ideas in our minds that have come from all sorts of places that are not true. An example of this is people telling us we are useless or we will not amount to anything in life. We need to empty these thoughts form our mind.

Change this and you reach a turning point, you begin your clear path, you get your direction, you are driven, you feel worthwhile and your life is meaningful to you.

How do we continue to discover your purpose in life? One of these is the following and you can try this on your own. The more open you are to this process and if you have the trust and you empty your thoughts, you will have success. Take the following steps:

1.  Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a word on your computer

2.  Write at the top, “What is my true purpose in life?”

3.  Write an answer that comes to your mind, keep it short if you can.

4.  Repeat step 3 until you write the answer that makes you cry.

This is your purpose, in my experience when you have found your purpose tears flow and are very difficult to hold back. This is not only the first time you think about it but ongoing.

This usually takes 20 minutes and the reason is that it takes this amount of time to clear your head of all the interference and the conditioning of all the years passed. These are not what your purpose in life is, this is deep inside within you.

Persist until the finally true answer arrives, even when all the clutter keeps coming up. Push on, it will feel great when you are done.

If you get stuck you may need to fight harder to overcome all the noise before you are overwhelmed with emotion.  Do not worry about having some similar answers and do not worry if this takes you double or triple the time. This may take 40 – 100 answers but if it takes more keep going.

At some point during the process (early on), you may want to quit and just can’t see it happening for you. You may feel the urge to find an excuse to do something else. This is normal however you must resist and push on past this resistance point. Once over the hump your answers will flow again.

Complete this process alone and with no interruptions.

When I did this exercise, it took me about 35 minutes, I went through all stages above and here is my final answer: to lead my life and love it, to serve my family and spirituality using my talent, to contribute to the lives of others so they can lead and love also. This is true living for a legacy.

When you find your own unique answer to the question of why you’re here, you will feel it deep inside and you will get energy from your words every time you read them.

This is true inspiration which is much more powerful than motivation.

Over three quarters of people will complete this in less than an hour. If you’re really caught up in limited beliefs and resistant to the process, maybe it will take you 5 sessions and 4 hours to complete. If you have njoyed reading this blog, I would definitely give it a real try!

Do it as soon as you can spare the time, is that now!

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