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The Core Steps On How To Be The ULTIMATE YOU and Discover Your True Potential and Purpose


Lakeside Centre , Level 4,  150 Albert  Road , South Melbourne

Join Leading Life Specialist, Leo Eliades, as he presents the:


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What does the ULTIMATE YOU mean for you?

  • You want to achieve greater results and abundance
  • You want to make a real difference to your life
  • You want to create a fulfilling relationship
  • You want more inspiration in your life
  • You want to discover and unleash your true potential
  • You want to have more fun

Everyone wants to live an amazing life with more connection, more laughter and light heartedness, more satisfaction and meaningful purpose. Overcome your challenges, take back control and actively choose to create the new ULTIMATE YOU.

Release the brakes on the ULTIMATE YOU and learn what it takes to capatalise on your life so that you can truly lead it and love it.

You know there is something more and you want to live your life your way

There is good news and there is bad news.

  • The bad news is that you cannot change a thing if you are not aware what drives you and what holds you back. We all have a relationship to our past which has formed our beliefs that have often limited our results and success.
  • The good news is these can all be changed and you can can discover how you can do this.

Are you ready to get closer to where you need to be?

  • Imagine if what drives you could be increased and if what holds you back could be decreased or taken away?
  • What would your life be like if you had the exact tools to allow you not only to design your life blueprint but effectively shape your destiny? No longer feel life is like a puzzle which cannot be solved and instead solve the puzzle and expand it as well.

Life is no longer in the way but on the way.

Get ready to jump the hurdles and roadblocks which have held you back for years. You have the personal power to move yourself with certainty, poise and inspiration. At ULTIMATE YOU, you will see and feel your power and you will grow.

Having the following is only a day away! Here you are at the next level, a gift that you can give yourself and really shift and improve your life. 


I was in awe as I watched a close friend achieve goals in rapid succession, everything she did was not done as the person I knew but a woman driven by clear purpose and direction. What I gained blew me away. Amazing potential has been unlocked for me in so many areas of my life.

Andriana Njegovan

"I walk away today having found some missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle giving me the ability not only to complete the puzzle but to expand the puzzle! I am inspired towards my happiness."

Bruno Margariti

 "I have found some revealing insights of what my values are and now have a clear understanding on what has driven me or held me back in the past. I'm looking forward to pursue my dreams with greater success."

Antoniette Martin

What will I learn at ULTIMATE YOU ?

1. Your Identity – this is critical to your success, you will never be in a position to doubt yourself again or not understand your actions

2. Your Values – this determines how you live and whether you are content or not, this can be the very reason you have been unhappy

3. Your Self Belief, Trust and Inspiration – how to use your identity and values to catapult your happiness-learn why this is the missing link to true authentic happiness

- Understand how you can achieve results and abundance

- Have more vitality and energy to be yourself

- Unlock your true potential

- Understand what you have to offer and be socially important

- See your contribution to your life and the life of others  

If this is you it is time for you to take action on your life, discover peace, discover certainty and create something new and amazing. ULTIMATE YOU is your next step.

Your trainer Leo really walks his talk.

He understands the science behind human behaviour and potential and how to get the best from your brain. He has a proven step by step system to reduce limitations and expand positive results that anyone can use.


Leo is a scientist by trade. So, he knows...

How to lead people to achieve the success they desire. He specialises on how you can influence your behaviour to achieve success and abundance.


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Your Venue  Live in Melbourne, Lakeside Centre 150 Albert Road, South Melbourne

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