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Dear Fellow Learner,

Have you tried to get things done and you never seem to be able to get there?
Do you sometimes feel stressed that others seem to keep getting things done and you fall further behind?

The good news is, if you find yourself procrastinating, this can be changed.
Imagine what you could be achieving if you were able to overcome this obstacle of procrastination.

In this CD audio program, Leo A Eliades defines procrastination and shares information so you can be inspired to move on with what is important to you.
Leo assists you to understand procrastination and know why it occurs. This allows you to release what holds you back.

Learn how to personally develop so that you can find the meaning in what you value in your life
Learn the power of supportive and challenging elements and how you can take advantage of these
Prepare to learn, as Leo A Eliades shares his extensive experience into human potential and inspiring others to find new performance levels in their life

Prepare to learn and gain the knowledge to increase your vitality and productivity in a way that is important to you.

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