Life Coach Service

Our coaching service is based on allowing you to find leadership in your life, love for yourself and others as well as authentic happiness.

We believe when you lead and love then you are truly living. Our coaching is a solution-focused process incorporating specialised tools and honest conversations. They are personal and give you the opportunity to work on exactly what you want and need, to work on exactly what is missing.

This may be for you if;

  • you are looking for authentic happiness and how to be happy
  • you are looking for inspiration in your life
  • you want to be a leader not a follower
  • you feel you need a life coach to help guide you
  • you wish you had more positive thinking in your life
  • you need more confidence and want to know how to be more confident
  • you are feeling stuck and feel you are in a rut
  • you know you have reached a turning point in your life
  • you want to improve your marriage
  • you want to find your soul mate
  • you are looking for your values/your passion and your purpose in life

During your coaching you will be supported to gain a new perspective on your life and the areas that are causing you stress, frustration or fear. You will identify areas of change so that you can gain meaning and new results in your life. You will gain a new perspective on how to stop procrastinating and how to set up “special” goals and why these matter.

We are looking for your personal power so that you can feel empowered as a leader to start living the life you love!

Together with coach guidance you will reach new outcomes, have new feelings and new thoughts.

There are payment plans and several options available for your convenience, including discounted rates and block bookings. If you are ready to invest in yourself in a meaningful and results driven way please Contact Us.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a communication process in which a life coach assists the client in accessing their own inner resources, qualities and capabilities to achieve their desired outcomes. The process of life coaching leads to self empowerment for the client. Through life coaching the client becomes more able to manage their own life. Ideally after a number of sessions or program a client is able to achieve this.

If you are looking for more in life, if you have reached your turning point, if you are searching for how to be happy then this is for you. If you ticked any of the above this is also for you,

Don’t just live the life that seems to be, instead live the life you always wanted and were meant to live. No longer have limited beliefs instead have unlimited thoughts about your future and your possibilities.

We specialise in: finding your values and your purpose, relationships, family dynamics, confidence, wealth mindset, effective parenting / raising children, social power and life leadership.



03 96857564 / 0414388232

Coaching is provided both face to face and by Skype for long distance clients.

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