Supporting Your Relationships, Family, Career and Your Life

Powerful RelationshipsWhen was the last time you took some time to ask yourself what can I do today that will make a difference to my life tomorrow, even now? Of course this takes time and reflection is best n a relaxed frame of mind. Life however is often the opposite and we seem to leave important activities such as this to escape us. Getting out of our busy mode and into our heart occasionally is what we all need.

I am certain that if we concentrated enough and understood this point that many of us would find at least one moment during our day where we could pause, reflect on a situation, and see something that we can do to make a difference in someone else’ life. As human beings we love to serve others and this is in our nature. When we serve we are rewarded as we feel value and our self- belief is elevated. In modern times, the pace of life and work has increased a lot and often we don’t give as much thought as we could to the circumstances of other people’s lives.

Sometimes, we’re so caught up in our own struggle that we don’t think we can even make a difference anywhere else. If we do this however we are rewarded and life takes on a new direction. Rather than focusing on how your partner let you down, or how your boss let you down or how your family let you down, why not focus on supporting them in order to help them see your value. In doing this you are likely to allow them to see something different and in turn reciprocate back to you, the same.

The reward you can feel form this is enormous. So, this is just a gentle reminder for all of us to pay attention to at least one “little thing” that will make a difference for someone else which in turn will make a big difference to our life. Offer your partner so much so that they cannot help but be attracted to you always, offer your boss so much value that you will always be respected and valued, offer your family the same and be the role model you want to be As you focus on different things, What this means for you is that you are on your way not in your way.

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