I was looking forward to the program prior to attending with the hope or expectation of providing clarity on achieving success. Throughout the program there were areas I had previously explored, but the program provided a different outlook, new approach with emphasis on self discovery. I have had some revealing insights of what my values are and now have a clear understanding on what has driven me or held me back in the past how this affected my feelings and actions. I'm looking forward to becoming more balanced and centered and continuing to identify and pursue my dreams with greater success.

Antoniette Martin
Antoniette Martin

I approached life one day at a time. I knew I would expect hurdles in my day... even stress...the pitfalls seemed to consume my day to day activities. I was an active person...keeping healthy...I recently allowed all the little things to consume me and began eating for comfort and excluded exercise from my routine. I experienced trouble with my back and this appeared as an excuse... I now have a handle on my self-worth...I feel empowered again...I am important and am important to others in my life.

Freda Vosko
Freda Vosko

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"I walk away today having found some missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle giving me the ability to not only complete the puzzle but to expand the puzzle!


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