What is happiness?

People_Different_people_Family_Happiness_026542_This is one of the most popular questions I am asked, it seems that there are so many of us looking for our interpretation of happiness. The truth is that happiness and how we define it is different for all of us. Not being aware of this simple fact is one of the largest problems and in turn often prevent us from being truly happy. I will explain further.

We think of ourselves as happy when we feel happy. At this time we are also going about our day and acting happy. We may not realise this however we think happy thoughts when what we value is being taken care of, when this is done we feel and act happy also. The important fact is, what we value is different amongst people and we often incorrectly assume that the same things make all people happy.

Are you happy? Many of us are not sure about that. As happiness cannot be defined so easily, most of us are going on and not living happily. That is the problem of the more modern and more complex world.

What is happiness? When I say that I am feeling happy, it may mean that I just got something that I love. That makes me happy. Have you ever seen at the photographs of people who have won a big lottery? They look so happy. Meet them after few years, when they have already spent all their money, and you will find the same person may very well be very unhappy. A married couple looks happy while getting married, however you may meet them after few years in the divorce court and you will know that happiness is far gone.

Can we remain happy at all times? It is difficult, but one can surely try. Decide to smile and feel happy at all the times. Even if you learn that you have suffered a big loss, be happy. Sounds foolish? But this can be done as there is always a positive to be drawn from every situation. I agree it may not always be easy however what I can say with certainty it is worth the effort.

Unhappiness will never get you back what you feel you are missing, it may be getting the money back or the relationship back or something else. Happiness under all conditions will give you the confidence and strength to challenge all your obstacles and come out as a winner in your life.

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