This Seminar Reveals...
The Core Steps To Find Love, keep Love And Improve Your Relationships with Your Partner


Lakeside Centre , Level 4,  150 Albert  Road , South Melbourne

Join Leading Life Specialist, Leo Eliades, as he presents the:

"What Is Love & Powerful Relationships” Seminar

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  • Do you want to improve your personal relationship or marriage?
  • Do you want to begin a new relationship or find your soul mate?
  • Would you like a powerful understanding of your perfect partner?
  • Do you want to feel more attractive and more confidence?
  • Do you want to feel more loved and appreciated?

Change your relationship results:

Beauty – have more confidence, more emotional attachment to self and greater inner beauty

Attraction – increase your partners attraction factor and know how to keep it this way

Self Belief –Decrease current emotional blockages and increase your magnetism

Love & Life –life will never be the same – you and your partner could be loving everything you do

If you ticked any of the above then you need “What is Love & Powerful Relationships” Join Leading Life Specialist, Leo Eliades, as he shows you the steps to a Powerful Relationship.

All it takes for new relationship results is some knowledge from someone who really understands what it takes to master your relationship, this is an art

Learn the steps to be truly satisfied in your relationship and at the same time do the same for your partner

"It's simple when you know what is not normally available in the general commentary, says Leo “If you change your results on your relationship, you get to enjoy your life. That’s it!"

In the half-day training Leo reveals the art of what love is, so that you can have the relationship you desire, value and deserve.

During the seminar, Leo will be revealing:


1. Self Love – this is critical to your relationship, learn how not to make the mistakes that result in not attracting everything you want

2. Other Love – Learn why having an increased presence for others in all circumstances is so important to your relationship

3. Physical/Mental Attraction – Learn how combining the elements of the first two steps is the missing link to your powerful relationship

Plus, Leo will also be sharing:

The 7 Pillars of Powerful Relationships:

1. What is love

2. Moving beyond the fear of not being loved

3. Overcoming the fear of not being beautiful  

4. Complimentary values

5. Turning down the voices

6. Balance of emotions

7. Masculinity and femininity  

Leo really walks his talk.

Leo loves the meaning of a powerful relationship as it is an essential element of authentic happiness.

This is NOT your average relationship training, nor is it one of those how to find your partner or dating courses. It is real and honest knowledge and guidance.

Your relationship success does matter! Learn and get started without spending a fortune.

Leo is a scientist by trade. So, he knows...

1) Human Behavior / Mindset
2) How to change so that we find our authentic happiness and authentic partner, our real soul mate.
3) How to really catapult your chance of relationship success.

Every business owner, every current or aspiring entrepreneur, every young adult, every divorcee, every mum and dad, in fact every individual has a reason to raise their leadership towards their relationship.

You can look after yourself and those you care about, you can improve your lifestyle, your results, your legacy and more.

If you would like this and if you would like more relationship success- then Leo can prove this to you.

You can get results and raise your attraction to the perfect relationship by having the right mindset in every way, reset your relationship beliefs, no matter where you are now, you can raise this significantly.

This is half a day of Leo’s intensive 2 day training FOR JUST $297.00 with GST inclusive for all 6 events (Early Bird Price) $627 value.

Note, this is not an introduction. It is full of unique, content you will love and that you can use straight away.


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