Your Turning Point and Living Your Values

Why Do Values Matter?

What you value without thinking too deeply must be important to you, it follows then that what someone else values is important to them. Following this important point one would imagine that we would all feel great about ourselves as we live our days according to what is valuable to us and so do others. In this scenario we feel fulfilled as our day seems valuable and to us as an individual it has served a logical purpose. Although a simple idea, for most of us we live our days and we don’t pay much attention on whether we are serving our values, worse still we are often serving someone else’s. Your values are what makes you unique and this is part of your identity, not paying attention to these results in you feeling small and insignificant and disempowered. You look at others and they look and you feel they are more happy and or successful than you are.

Understanding your values means you are able to gain clarity and focus, this means your decisions make more sense to you and your actions are purposeful and you are not holding back. Understand your values and knowing them gets you real results in the areas that are truly important to you. This is your measurable success and anything else looks different and meaningless as well as less satisfying.

Your values are what determines how you need to spend your. Spending your time in any other way is denying yourself your true identity. Imagine if you don’t fill your day with what is important to you, someone else fills it with what is important to them.

Why Is Prioritising Important To Us ?

If we don’t we lose time which we cannot get back, this is one thing that cannot be created, ever, by anyone, We all have the same 24 hours and each hour needs to serve us as individuals.

If we the spend the day completing actions that don’t serve our values we do not produce the results we want, so our time is lost forever. Days and weeks pass, sometimes years and decades and nothing has changed. We can do so much and change so mush however we cannot get this time back at all. Perhaps if we all had an infinite amount of  time, then our values and priorities could be less relevant. We have a certain amount of time in our lives, so therefore it makes sense to invest our time as best we can and this means to serve us.

You know that you prefer certain things over others, you can also see that this also differs for different individuals. So what do you value as more important that if you ignore means that you are ignoring a big part of your life. Will you be truly happy here? Would you be happy if you were getting things done that others valued and you saw no reason in them. Deep down you know there is a life that you prefer that you value more.

If you are following your values life will feel on the way, if you are not life will feel slow, meaningless and you will feel you are standing still rather than moving forward,

Also importantly is we need drive, when we have this we seem to have more health and more energy. The drive seems to be increased when we have a purpose and we are moving forward, In this case we do not sit back and procrastinate, we do not feel lazy, instead we are inspired and we are moving along swiftly. In this space we feel important and we can contribute, we have direction and we have a plan. You are less likely to drift of course if you have a certain list of priorities that are linked to what you value. You are more likely to be certain about where you are heading and you are more likely to be less stressful about your journey.

For the above reasons, understanding and living by your is extremely important. Values act as our compass to put us back on course every single day, so that day after day, we’re moving in the direction that takes us closer and closer to our “best” life. This life is the life we value not the life someone else does.

Here you will have more health, happiness, wealth, relationship, peace, love,etc. The most popular regret of terminally ill patients, is that they lived a different life, this can only happen if you did not value the one you did live.


So what do you value?

We all have a different set of values. For some people, good health is an absolute must. For others, financial wealth is what’s most important. Every person is at a different point along their own journey and must be living their own life and contribution.  If you value wealth and you do not have this it will be affecting your life each day if you do not prioritise this area. On the other hand if you have wealth and you are not honouring family which you do value your life will also be affected in the same way. So we cannot measure our success and feelings with that of others.

The closer you get to living your life according to you values the more driven , powerful and successful you will feel and be.

Identifying Your Values

Below is one way you can determine your priority of values. This can be a very time consuming process, and it will require your hours of concentrated attention. So please ensure you begin when you have the time to complete. It’s hard work, but it’s worth the effort.

When you know your values you can answer the question, What is truly important to me in life?

Think about the question above and brainstorm a list of your values as your answers to this question. Try to reduce your responses to a single word or two. For example, if one of your answers is, “having a successful business,” then you might reduce that to the value of “success.”

To make this task easier for you, I’ve put together a List Of Values can use to assist you.

So you might end up with a list that looks something like this:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Knowledge
  • Success
  • Social
  • Peace
  • Vocation

There’s no hard rule for how long your list should be, as much as possible try to get down to 10. Some values may be similar which you can combine.

Prioritizing Your Values

The next step is to prioritize your list. This is usually the most time consuming and difficult step because it requires some concentrated analysis.

It is easier to identify your top value and then go on from there working your way to number 10. At first this may seem challenging however you can begin by asking, Which of these values is truly the most important to me in life? If I could only satisfy one of these values, which one would it be? Sometimes the highest priority value will be obvious to you. Other times you’ll have it narrowed down to a few choices but you will have a harder time figuring out which one is really the most important among those. If this occurs imagine a scenario for each value, and then compare those scenarios and decide from there.

For example, if you’re trying to decide which is more important to you, family or money, then ask yourself, “Which is more important to me – to make money or spend time with my family?” this may be easy if money is not important for you or you do not have an issue with money, so you would choose family. If family was so important to you but the money was required for all the ways you wanted to serve them this could also be important in your decision. So think carefully.

So let’s say we’ve sorted our list above, and we’ve come up with this:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Knowledge
  • Success
  • Social
  • Peace
  • Vocation

What can you tell me about this person? When you know a person’s priority values, you know that on the balance this will determine their behaviour. If this person lives true to her values, they will lead a life focused on love, health and wealth above all else. Family will be extremely important and they would never put career success above their family.

On the other hand, let’s say this person prioritized her values in the exact opposite order:

  • vocation
  • Peace
  • social
  • success
  • Knowledge
  • wealth
  • health
  • family
  • love

What kind of person is this? Now we have someone who’s probably very career-oriented. They will judge things differently and lead a very different life than the person with love as their top value. So if this person had a choice between advancing in their career or going on a family vacation, they would almost always put career first. If they did not, they would not be happy about it.

By prioritizing your values you’ll be able to rely on them when you need to make important decisions in the future. If you know that what is truly most important to you in life is to have a successful family, then it will be easier for you to say no to those things that take you away from that or to know how whatever you do serves this.

Now that you have your own values and your priority worked out, this can certainly provide you with a turning point in your life. For more information on how you can reach you Turning Point and Live by Your Values CLICK HERE
What If I want To Change My Values?

Sometimes your values are just right, sometimes they change slowly according to your needs and wants and sometimes you want to change them due to circumstances. Let’s say you have recently separated and your husband previously controlled the financial area and wealth. You now want to build your independence in this area and shift this value on your priority list. You see a bright dream retirement ahead however you are not likely to have it unless something changes. The bad news this is not complete with a simple wish, the good news is that it can be done.

You may want to change your values when you understand and accept where they are taking you, and you realise that what you appear to value right now will not enable you to enjoy the “best” possible life for you. Your “best” life is your vision of all the destinations you wish to reach – the greatest ultimate destiny you can possibly imagine for yourself. But your values are just a measure of the current direction you’re headed right now. When this occurs you are not in alignment, meaning that your current values are not aligned with the course of your best life.

I want you to take a moment right now to get in touch with what this really means to you personally. If you keep living by your current values, then you can expect to get similar results to what you’re already getting. Some part of you isn’t satisfied with where you’ll end up if you keep following this same course. Will you never experience an intimate, loving relationship? Will you never have children? Will you never become wealthy?

Now what if all these “nevers” could suddenly become possible for you? You may be thinking how? They can become possible for you by shifting your values. The important part is you do not need to maintain the same values throughout your entire life. You can change them as often as you like or need to.

When you change your values list and consciously act on it, you change your behaviour and therefore your results. And this can lead to incredible new experiences. For example, if your top value is health, and you’re already in outstanding physical condition, what would happen if you changed your top value to wealth? You would cut back on your workouts for a while and invest tremendous energy into becoming wealthy. Your investment in health would slide a little, but in the short-term, it probably won’t make a huge difference. Health may still be one of your top values, but it just isn’t number one anymore. So now by focusing on your new top value of wealth, you eventually succeed in becoming wealthy. But eventually as you become very wealthy, making more and more money beyond a certain point may no longer serve you. Now you decide to shift your top value to compassion, so you go out and use your healthy, wealthy self to compassionately help others. Through this process of consciously shifting your values, you’ve lived an amazing life. For more information on how you can change your values and reach you Turning Point and Live by Your Values CLICK HERE

To find out more on how your values can help you in your life , Click Here, to learn about Your Life Purpose.

Changing Your Values

So how can you decide how to change your values? You go through a very similar process of listing and prioritising, but now you do it with your new goals. Simply repeat the above steps with your goals instead of your values. Here’s a sample goals list:

  • Reduce weight to 150 pounds
  • Become a millionaire
  • Become a property investor
  • Travel through every country in Europe
  • Find your soul mate and get married
  • Give a speech in front of 1000 people
  • Go skydiving
  • Run a marathon

So again, write out your goals. Decide which ones are truly most important to you. Prioritise them. And in this case it’s fine if you have more than 10, it will just take longer to prioritise.

These goals represent the experiences that you feel are part of the “best” life you could live. If a life where you never became a property investor wouldn’t be the absolute best for you, then you’d better include that goal on your list.

If you fail to focus your energy on the goals that are truly important to you, some of them will slip away, and that’s a heavy price to pay. You may succeed in your career and never get married. Or you may get married but never enjoy a state of physical fitness. For more information special goals and how you can reach you Turning Point and Live by Your Values CLICK HERE